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How We Work

Growing a baby brand requires extra effort. From market research to product development, each step takes time and energy.

Get Hands-Off Experience With Infaye's Help

Infaye team shares the same goal that we should be the assistant by the side of brands like yours, helping you out with our industry know-how and production proficiency. We aim at providing you a comfortable experience in our cooperation and freeing you from tedious and meticulous.

Design & Develop

Count on Infaye’s great competence in developing new styles of silicone products. From practicality to exterior design, we are taking responsibility to make it popular from the very beginn

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Infaye has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience in product manufacturing following more than 16 years of industry research and work.

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Quality Control

All products made of ECO-friendly materials. From raw materials to production and shipment, they are strictly tested and meet third-party certifications. Our sharp eyes maintain high quality of our output as always.

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OME Services

All products come out from our factory are covered with 1-year warranty.For any quality issue, our team is standing by to help solving your problems.

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Warranty & After-Sales

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Project Management

We assign a contact after you place your order who acts as your special window to know exactly how your project is going on. Benefit from our considerate service so that you can act accordingly.

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Exclusive Sales

Get the most out of our special design. Seize the chance to be in strategic cooperation with us and we promise not to sell the design that you choose to any other brands in your area.

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